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A project refers to a set of activities organized in such a manner that the required objective can be achieved. A project may range from a few days to few months or even years depending on the amount of work involved.

Project management principles help ensure that the project is implemented effectively. It helps analyze the situation and also implement plans and organize activities relevant to the project in such a manner that it is possible to form effective implementation of the project plan.

Many projects are cancelled before they are completed. Many are completed late and cost well over their original estimates. Of the rare few that are completed on time and within budget, many do not meet the needs of the project stakeholders. The reasons for these are poor project management or no project management.

project management assignments for students pdf

The success of any organization or a particular project depends on a detailed study of the major characteristics of projects and also proper management of the projects CAR, Morano R, Project Firecracker would be a set of initiatives to implement effective project management techniques at all levels of National Corporation to make it a Project Oriented Organization.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills using formal set of tools, and techniques to a broad range of project activities to meet the requirements of the project. Project management requires special knowledge and skills. It is achieved through a series of processes, such as initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects, which are performed by project managers and their teams.

Project teams manage the work of the projects, including competing demands regarding scope, time, cost, risk, and quality stakeholders with differing needs. Project fundamentals student guide, There are various steps to be followed in implementing project management in an organization. The project managers must understand and define the project goals and objectives to be sure that the project addresses the appropriate business requirements, specifying tasks or how goals can be achieved Lewis, J.

Project managers should identify the resources needed and associate budgets and clear timelines for completion. This project aims at ensuring that there be effective implementation of the project through risk management. Major risks that impacted the project include the budget risk and regulatory risk. These require to be mitigated effectively. Risk has a huge bearing on the overall schedule of the project. Improper budgeting leads to huge cost over runs. Also improper budgeting leads to improper ordering of materials.

It leads to delay in supply of materials, it increase the delay in the project.

Free Project Topics and Materials PDF & DOC Download [2020]

It also leads to wastage of man hours. It is crucial to manage these effectively. The project management team must create and maintain a set of procedures and guidelines with a clear project framework for achieving project specific goals and business goals.

PESTEL analysis makes it possible to create better understanding of all of the elements of the external environment. The political forces that affect this project are those that apply to the nation that have government sanctions placed against them and those that are prone to unrest in the nation as well as its policies CAR, Morano R, Domestically we are faced with unfavorable policies such as restrictive trade policies, in dealing with sustainability.

Governmental agencies must support sustainability policies and ensure that while the government forms these policies they are in favour of the project. One of the biggest problems experienced is the lack of financial controls in project management. So it is necessary to empower the team with knowledge and skills to manage accounting aspects of the projects. Teams need to communicate regularly and effectively to share the right information with the right people in a timely manner.

Effective communication is vital to the success of any project. Any problems that arise in a project should be tracked promptly, understood and fixed as soon as possible.To browse Academia. Skip to main content.

Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Project Management Assignment Asadh Shujau. The areas are project leadership and governance, resource scheduling, risk assessment and mitigation and project monitoring and evaluation.

After going through each above mentioned area it is compared with the theoretical frameworks of project management. By comparing, it was found out that although some of the areas in the above mentioned project were quite similar there were some areas that were not. There were few differences in all four areas when they are in practice. The details can be found in this document.

Project Management Assignment Help

The project used in this report is a modified version of a real life project done on Nirvana National Bank. The following is the online link to the project document used for this report. The areas are, project leadership and governance, resource scheduling, risk assessment and mitigation and project monitoring and evaluation. The report will focus on how the aforementioned areas were carried out in the selected project and compare each area separately with the theoretical aspects of project management concerned with each area.

Other areas of this project are out of scope for this report. ABC Bank is a newly started bank which hopes to expand their business nationwide. Kin Links Inc.

Free Project Topics and Materials PDF & DOC Download [2020]

The following are the scope, mission and vision, objectives and deliverables of the project. The mission for the project is to provide the ABC Bank with a working fault proof software that fulfills all the requirements expected by the Bank and to give proper training to the staff.

Kin Links project manager leads the project and has divided different tasks of the project to different groups. Each group has a leader who reports directly to Mr. Ahmed about the project. ABC Bank has to contact with Mr.

Ahmed to get the details about the project. Ahmed who contacts with top management for any required tools and contacts with ABC Bank if further clarifications are required. Team meetings are to be held weekly to check the project progression and discuss other related matters. Participants of the meetings will be the group leaders and the project manager Mr. An organizational chart of respected parties can be seen on Annex 01 of this document. Roles and responsibilities are assigned to each group.

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Good luck on your project defense day. Table of contents. Pin 2. August 15, In the business industry, there are projects that every organization must consider, such as building commercial establishments and assessing road widening. Whether in the construction, engineering, or computer science departments, having effective project management is substantial.

But where do you begin? Check out project proposal examples below for your basis. Basic Project Proposal Template 2.

project management assignments for students pdf

Development Project Proposal Template 3. Project Development Proposal Template 6. Simple Project Proposal Template in Word 9. Information Technology Project Proposal Template Website Project Proposal Template Free Project Proposal Template Student Council Project Proposal Student Design Project Proposal Student Volunteer Project Proposal Laboratory Research Project Proposal Research Paper Project Proposal Business Research Project Proposal Business Internship Project Proposal Community Development Project Proposal Community Learning Project Proposal Community Garden Project Proposal Final Year Project Proposal Is it confusing for you to kickstart the writing process for your project management assignment?

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Sample Project Management Assignment

This step is central to a knockout essay. Choose it carefully if you have such an opportunity. If the instructor has assigned a topic, then it is up to you to find a perfect angle on the topic to base your essay on.Table of Contents.

The various processes are included in the project management like initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing. The project objectives are developed by the project manager. Sunrise is a building construction company that carries out bulky scale projects and provides quality management service.

The construction sector is one of the growing sectors around the world and contains huge employment of labors. The varieties of resources are needed for the development of a successful project.

The project manager plays a vital role to deliver quality project Duncan, The efficient team is selected by the project manager because an effective team work can fulfill the demand of the company. The project undergoes numerous life phases like initiation, planning, design, construction and closeout. The framework is developed by the project manager that implemented by the workers. Depending upon the project budget the project is designed and scheduled.

In the project life cycle the scope refinement is become essential. The programs should be scheduled properly because a definite beginning and end is required otherwise the company can suffer huge loss due to the delay. A strategic planning is conducted to improve the quality of service as well as to meet the growing demand and regulatory requirements Randolph and Posner, The strong management control systems are configured in the sunrise construction company that helps to meet that targeted goal of the company.

The best possible resources and employees are engaged in the sunrise construction company which results in delivering quality service to the required customer. The prince 2 project methodology is selected to ensure the effectiveness of the sunrise construction company. The project management tools are adapts to serve better quality service to the customers.

The construction project will focus on development of a new building. The project management process involves following operational sub divisions.

The construction business is one of the growing business sector and the customer demands are increasing day by day. The sunrise construction company provides quality service to the customer so the business reputation is very high. The huge investment is required for the construction business. In this building construction project the sunrise construction company providing good quality equipments that will fulfill the customer needs.

The alternative cost benefit analysis is done to find the best net gain to the society. The society benefit is the key of alternative cost benefit analysis. The fair distribution is required to facilitate the benefit to the overall community. The overall social benefit can be achieved if the collective benefits are much higher than the losses.

The transfer of payments is undertaken by the government as income taxes from the construction sector. The potential cost and potential benefit is calculated by the methodological techniques Abdou,The case studies and the assignments are a vital part of any syllabus and contribute a fair amount of marks during final result declaration.

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Project Management is the effective use of skills, tools, knowledge, and technique to meet the requirements of the project. The prominent characteristic that distinguishes Project Management from Management is that it has a finite deliverable in a finite time span. Management is an ongoing process unlike Project Management. It needs a wide range of technical and management skills to carryout Project Management. Project management is a course that consists of planning, motivating, and controlling the resources in order to get satisfied goals.

As described below, Project management has different phases in its implementation. This practice is not going to fetch any marks in your assignment. You have to explain the application of the best practices instead of theory here.

In the first section of the question 1 you have to identify the stake holders and give insight on the process used from the PMBOK or Prince 2 that may be helpful in stake holder identification. Stake holders are those who are required to reach project goals and whose participation is important for the success of the project.

In the next sub section you have to implement lean project management for the event. Here specific guidelines are given to focus on the elimination of the waste. The main principle of lean project management is to deliver more value with less waste in a project. Lean Six Sigma is the process that depends on a combined team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste. In the next section Measure, collect data including all kind of baselines from previously conducted events.

In Analysis various challenges need to be identified For e. In the section Improve you have to introduce different ideas and solutions that can be practiced to bring out a positive change in the event. In the last section Control describe how to not only carry out this event successful but also ensure the success of the future events so that the momentum should be carried out to the coming years. After answering all these questions give recommendations on what are the most appropriate practices for implementing lean project management for the project.

In the assignments of project management, just the themes and circumstances of the event changes and the basic requirement of the assignment usually remains the same as given below.

project management assignments for students pdf

A Project Management is prepared according to the framework on which the project is based upon. A good guidance in the framework of project management assignment helps in framing the assignment properly. Basically, it is the cycle from which a project starts till it ends. We have a panel of tutors that are qualified enough in all the management concepts and methodologies that is helpful in explaining a new comer.

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